Reasons Northeast Georgia Real Estate is Booming

Compared to metropolitan cities like Atlanta, Northeast Georgia towns are filled with spacious properties and open-ended views. This makes it no surprise that real estate across the Southeastern state has seen an influx in people opting to relocate and purchase new homes as they trade in their skyscraper cityscape for fields of green and endless skies.

In the last 3-5 years, Northeast Georgia has seen an uprise in people relocating from major cities to the countryside and all with similar reasons for their decision. Between jobs that have transitioned to work-from-home positions and opportunities for a fresh start, many buyers have taken advantage of chances that allow them to relocate and embrace the small-town, southern charm lifestyle.

While location is a key component in the final decision for many people’s destination, the southern state is providing some of the best motivation all around.

So what key factors are playing into the rise in interest in Georgia property?

Cost of Living

Unlike most major cities, the cost of living is statistically lower in small towns, making Northern Georgia a prime option for many people’s financial positions. In fact, it’s no theory that you get more bang for your buck in the countryside of Northeast Georgia compared to cities such as San Francisco or New York. Think multi-bedroom home with a spacious front and backyard.

Aside from the views, many are finding that buying property in Georgia saves them money in the long run, in contrast to the high prices of living in a bustling city. Some are even finding that in buying a home out in more rural areas, they’re paying the same amount or less on a monthly mortgage than they were paying to rent an apartment in a major city.

Location is Essential

Northeast Georgia is a melting pot of agriculture and farm life blended with lake living and small-town charm around every back road. It’s also relatively close to major attractions like the Atlanta Airport, which offers an additional appeal for those wanting to get away from the busy streets and hustle of the city while still having almost immediate access to it. This alone gives people a sort of ‘best of worth worlds’ feeling about relocating.

Quality of Life

The countryside is known for its slower pace and laid-back atmosphere, making areas across NEGA all the more appealing. However, that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of hard work going on in these little towns. From seasonal festivals to fairs and summers on the lake, there’s something special about having access to an almost vacation-quality lifestyle while still being able to tackle normal work hours and travel to bigger cities with ease.

One of the biggest perks about relocating is the amount of space residential homes offer. Many people are finding enjoyment in getting to fully decorate and create a living space that feels like home without the worry of getting approval from a landlord, or not having much room to decorate in the first place.

Additionally, the sense of community is a major green flag for those looking at areas of North Georgia. There’s just something unique about bonding with neighbors and living in an area where everyone sort of looks out for one another.

Reinventing the American Dream

There’s no shortage of advantages people are finding when relocating from the city to smaller towns, and while many of these areas aren’t perfect, they do offer a refreshing change of pace. Some might even say that they’re finally finding their own version of the American dream when they move to one of North Georgia’s many small towns.
Whether you’re looking to indulge in finding a place where you can support local, small-town businesses, or you’re looking for a slice of paradise, Georgia has plenty to offer. As the market continues to grow, don’t miss your chance to find your perfect dream home out here in Georgian utopia.

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